Seminar Halal Industri Pelancongan (SHIP)

In the Islamic tourism sector, the role Halal is of utmost critical as food, beverage and consumer products are the large part of the overall tourism industry. While over 300 hotels in Malaysia have taken the initiative to have their kitchen and/or restaurant subscribed to the JAKIM’s Halal certification scheme, still too many out there are taking the position of wait and see. Some hotel owners have taken the necessary steps to apply for their certificate but stumbled upon difficulties in the process due to poor knowledge and lack of understanding in Halal.

On the other end, many tour operators developing full board tour packages are struggling to find a network of Halal certified eateries to be included in their itineraries. Tour guides on duty also have encountered food establishments that put up confusing signs such “No pork”, “Muslim food”, Muslim workers” to imply their “Halal” status, unknown of its legal repercussion.

In this view, Islamic Tourism Centre (ITC) in collaboration with Halal Hub Division, Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) are set out to meet the Islamic tourism players in a series of “Seminar Halal Industri Pelancongan (SHIP)” that aims to set the record straight by spreading the fundamental knowledge of Halal and its intricacies.

Amongst the topics to be discussed at the seminar are Halal certification, standardisation, proper identification of Halal logo, global outlook of Halal within the context of tourism, Malaysia’s position as one of the leading global Halal hubs and a success story of Halal certified hospitality establishment.


Paper presentations; interactive panelist sessions; and Q&A. All papers presented in the seminar will be in Bahasa Melayu.

Primary target audience

Travel and tour operators
Tourist guides
Airline companies
Tourism product owners
Homestay operators
Tourism NGOs and associations

Secondary target audience 

Government officials
Academicians and students


RM20.00 per person. Fee is waived for students but subject to seat availability.

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