ILM Arts Festival

On 30 August 2015, the highly anticipated ILM Arts Festival is set to be Malaysia’s biggest congregation of world’s most admired Muslim acts and headliners making their ways to Malawati Stadium Shah Alam, for a day of sizzling performances of music, art and all that jazz.

Catch live sets by :
Renown speaker Nouman Ali Khan (USA); comedian Omar Reagan (USA); maestro photographer Peter Sanders (UK); skateboarder Jordan Richter USA); manga-influenced comic writer Asia Alfasi (UK); poet Amir Sulaiman (USA); graffiti artist Aerosol Ali (UK); two time world champion professional boxer Amer Khan (UK); visual artist Martin Travers (UK); nasheed artiste Ahmed Bukhatir (UAE); artist and designer Hannah Habibi (UK), Alpha Movements parkour and many many more. Malaysian artistes Altimet and Mizz Nina are also set to perform at the Festival.

Ilm Arts Festival is not just an event that shows the beauty and richness of Arts in Islam and Malaysia but it also highlights the issues that the youth are encountering in the modern age. With a growing number of youth disconnected with society we aim to engage them thru the Arts and make them become leaders of their communities.

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