ITC invites potential Masters and Doctorate (Ph. D) level researchers from Higher Learning Institutions based in Malaysia who are currently conducting / supervising research topics in the area of Islamic tourism to submit their application.

This travel grant will assist selected researchers in gathering information related to their research through participations at international conferences / seminars.  Through this grant, it is hoped that these potential research topics can further contribute to the formulation and development of relevant policies on Islamic tourism.

The ITC Evaluation Board will then screen the applications and successful applicants will be notified through email and telephone call.


To engage and accommodate students of masters or doctorate level with interest in the topic of Islamic tourism in implementing their research through participation at international / local conferences / seminars.


The presentation should cover topics related to Islamic tourism and applicants should state the specific topic of research in the application form along with its justification and projected outcomes.

The scope of the presentation are as follows:

  • To present the trend and take stock of the current situation of the Islamic tourism field in Malaysia;
  • To provide an overview of Muslim-friendly practices by tourism operators in Malaysia; and
  • To gauge the level of Muslim-friendly practices of Malaysian tourism operators.


Applicants are expected to submit the presentation slides and write up of the presentation to ITC Evaluation Board for consideration and approval.

 The topics to be presented would be able to assist ITC in the establishment and development of Islamic tourism in Malaysia with the following outcomes (if possible):

  • Baseline data on Islamic tourism or Muslim-friendly tourism and hospitality practices in Malaysia
  • Action plans that cover programmes and initiatives for ITC to roll out with relevant stake holders
  • Proposals and special incentives, both fiscal and non-fiscal, to be recommended to the Government.

Applicants are obligated to complete the research within a period of four (4) months upon receiving the financial approval from ITC.

Applicants are required to complete the projected budget needed in the Estimated Budget section in the application form.

Applicants have the responsibility to make the most economical arrangements for transportation / accommodation (this includes advance booking fares / promotional packages).

Applicants are to submit all receipts at one time as payment will only be processed once. Provide scanned copies of all receipts to and submit the hard copy to ITC.

The grant will cover all traveling expenses involved as follows:

  • Air / Bus / Rail / Local transportation reimbursed at the economy rate.
  • Lodging
  • Admission / entrance fee to conferences / seminars


 As a condition of acceptance, applicants will be asked to commit to the following obligations:

  • Not to change topic / scope of presentation without prior approval from ITC; and
  • The overall subject matter and objectives of the presentation

To allow their name and photograph and a description of their presentation / field research activities to be posted on ITC website.

To accept invitations from ITC to make presentations to appropriate audiences on the aims, experiences and results of their field of research.

To submit a brief Travel Grant Report within thirty (30) days upon returning from the conference / seminar to ITC.


 Interested applicants shall submit the ITRTG Application Form and must meet the following requirements:

  • Citizen of Malaysia.
  • Registered student of an MQA accredited private and public local Higher Learning Institutions.
  • The Higher Learning Institution must offer programmes related to Islamic tourism or Halal services.
  • Has Malaysia as the focus of the research.
  • Candidates must receive university ethics approval to conduct the research.

The decision of the selection of successful applicants by ITC Evaluation Board is final.


Application Form for the Islamic Tourism Research Travel Grant Application Form is available for download here.

Interested applicants shall submit the ITRTG Application Form and must meet the following requirements:


  1. Nadhirah Binti Aripin (Executive Officer, Research and Training Division)
  2. Siti Sarah Hussin (Executive Officer, Research and Training Division)

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