Muslim-Friendly Tour Guide Training 2018

Following the success of the inaugural Muslim-Friendly Tourist Guide (MFTG) Training from 26 until 28 July 2017, ITC will be holding two instalments of MFTG Training in 2018 in Putrajaya.

The objectives of the training are as follows:

  • To provide understanding on the concept of Muslim friendly hospitality services in Malaysia.
  • To enhance the level of knowledge among the tour guide to have the correct understanding of Muslim tourist requirement.
  • To ensure the tour guide have the correct understanding of Malaysia as the world Muslim friendly destination.
  • To develop the tour guide skill to give the correct information on Muslim friendly hospitality services in Malaysia.

The training will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of MFTG
  • Shariah Principles in Islamic Tourism
  • The Elements in Islamic Tourism
  • Expectation of Muslim Tourist
  • Basic of Halal Awareness
  • Codes of Ethics for MFTG/Personnel Grooming
  • Issue and Challenges Related to Islamic Tourism
  • Muslim Friendly Hospitality Services
  • MFTG Planning Tourist

MFTG Training 2018 will be held of the following dates:

1st Instalment:

24- 26 April 2018

2nd Instalment:

23- 25 October 2018


Registration details will be uploaded soon.


mftg-2018-brochure-1 mftg-2018-brochure-2