World Halal Day 2016

The World Halal Day (WHD) is an international Halal event which presents latest trends and opportunities in the fastest growing market in the world.
After the Singapore and India, World Halal Day is hosted for the first time in Croatia to celebrate 100 years since Islam gained the status of institutionally recognized religion in the Republic of Croatia.

Considering the great potential of the Halal industry which has become a signifcant contributor to all facets of economic growth not only in Croatia but globally, WHD would present latest trends of Halal market, Halal tourism industry, Halal food and nutritions, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry, as well as Islamic banking and finance for the first time in Croatia.

It is a great platform for all industry leaders, non-profit organizations, representatives of government authorities, business and hotel management executives, travel agencies, local government units, university lecturers, scientific researches, financial institutions, buyers and trade visitors to present themselves and debate the very latest trends in this highly lucratice market segment.

The Three day event would take place from 2 – 4 November 2016 Opatija, Croatia. The event programme will include panel discussions, presentations from the worlds’ leading companies in halal market, exhibition of halal products and services , gala dinner as well as guided tours to Opatija , Islamic Center Rijeka and more!

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