Masjid Jabal An-Nur

Sitting on the banks of the Rejang River in the Kapit district, Masjid Jabal An-Nur was built in the late 1950s. From a basic 36 x 36 square feet timber structure, it had undergone several transformations over the decades to become the elegant building it is now.
The mosque’s unique architecture, which is a combination of contemporary and traditional, is in a class of its own. Its quadruple-tiered pyramidal main dome has Javanese influence, with gaps between each tier to allow for better ventilation and natural lighting. Two spectacular minarets flank the building’s entrance, with beautiful sculpture-like steel sky pointers sitting on top of each. Beautiful arched pillars run along its exterior at the front and sides.
Masjid Jabal An-Nur is also equipped with user-friendly facilities such as a library, meeting rooms and facilities for the disabled.