Masjid Jamek Negeri Sarawak

Built between 1987 and 1990 in Petra Jaya, Masjid Jamek Negeri Sarawak is the new State Mosque, replacing the one built in Kuching in the mid-1800s. It is classified as a special-grade mosque and was officiated by a former State Governor, Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce Mohammad Noor, in October 1990.
The mosque’s design concept takes after the mosques in Istanbul. Its rectangular roof is decked with a main dome and forty smaller ones. The blue main dome is covered in mosaic and tiles, forming geometric patterns. Its minaret is 99 metres tall, representing the 99 names of Allah. Its interior looks quite spectacular with a series of arched pillars supporting its domes from within, which, from afar, resemble pairs of hands gathered up in prayer.
Masjid Jamek Negeri Sarawak is also equipped with a conference hall and a library, and can accommodate a congregation of more than 10,000 worshippers.