Masjid Jamek Sultan Ibrahim

Masjid Jamek Sultan Ibrahim is Muar’s second Masjid Jamek, built between 1925 and 1930, replacing the first Masjid Jamek which was built between 1884 and 1887. Located next to the Muar River, it is the oldest mosque in the Muar district. The mosque’s blueprint was drawn by a local artist, Sulaiman Ilyas.

Like many buildings during that era, the mosque displays distinct Colonial influences in its architecture, with a mixture of Islamic and traditional Malay elements. Its distinctive minaret is perhaps its most prominent feature – a striking example of East meets West design. Doric-type Classic Roman columns adorn its balconies and porticoes.

An antique sundial sits within Masjid Jamek’s compound, which was used to tell prayer times. Its ablution area which sits within a courtyard is quite a sight to behold with a fountain in the middle of the ablution pool.