Masjid Raya Kota Belud (Grand Mosque of Kota Belud)

Set on a hill overlooking the quaint town of Kota Belud, Masjid Raya Kota Belud is the town’s well-known landmark. This modest structure was built on the initiative of Kota Belud’s Muslim community under the patronage of the state’s former Chief Minister and seventh Yang Di-Pertua Negeri Sabah (State Governer), the late Tun Mohd Said Keruak. It is not known exactly when this mosque was built – some cite somewhere in the 1960s while some others cite the early 1970s.
Kota Belud’s prime mosque follows a Mughal architectural style with a grand onion-shaped dome forming its centrepiece. The sight of its golden dome and minarets is a convenient indicator that one has arrived in the colourful and scenic town of Kota Belud, gateway to the beautiful Mantanani Island.