Discover Malaysia :
Your Muslim-Friendly destination

Sample Itineraries


Dine in and dine out from breakfast to late supper with a day of Halal food trail and sightseeing tours either in Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya or Melaka.


Visit the Islamic Arts Museum in Kuala Lumpur, perform solat at the national mosque and continue with sightseeing around KLCC Twin Tower. Shop for beautiful souvenirs at the National Craft
Centre. Spend the second day touring Putrajaya with a visit to its majestic mosques, mesmerising
buildings, cruising the lake and strolling the park.


Spend your holiday at a homestay and experience the local lifestyle and culture of rural Malaysian folk.


Fly to the island of Penang for a two-day experience of Halal food tour, hop on a trishaw for a city sightseeing and visits to beautiful mosques as well as heritage buildings rich in history. Escape to the mystical island of Langkawi. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the island from a cable car. Get on to an island-hopping trip, enjoy duty free shopping and indulge in the local Halal cuisines.


Travel to the state of Melaka and marvel at the many historic attractions in the city. Enjoy a leisurely cruise along the Melaka river and have a bird`s eye view of the city on top of the Taming Sari tower.
Head south to Johor for a fun family trip at Legoland. Shop till you drop at Johor Premium Outlet (JPO) for discounted luxurious-label fashion goods. Fly back to KL on your last day for a city tour and souvenir shopping.


Spend two nights in Pahang at Malaysia’s National Park Taman Negara, the world’s oldest rainforest.
Visit Kuala Terengganu and see the state’s gorgeous mosques. Shop for textiles and souvenirs for a good bargain at Payang market and experience a wide range of local Halal cuisines in the city. Hop off to any one of Terengganu’s beautiful Islands in the South China Sea.


Fly to Sabah, Borneo’s finest heritage of natural wonders. Go snorkelling in Sapi and Manukan island and visit Kinabalu Park, home to the most wonderful floral species. Travel to Kuching, Sarawak
to see the various tribes of the state at the Sarawak Cultural village. Shop along the waterfront and be amazed by the grand state legislative assembly building. Take a short flight to Mulu National Park
for thrilling adventures and see the natural habitats for a wide range of plant and animal diversities both above and below ground.